Connecting martial arts enthusiasts around the world!

Dōjō Pass is a mobile application designed to connect individuals interested in
practicing martial arts with instructors and academies from around the world.

About Dōjō Pass


Our mission is to connect and inspire martial arts enthusiasts worldwide by offering them an innovative platform to explore, learn, and practice. We aim to provide easy access to authentic academies and qualified instructors, while fostering a global community that celebrates discipline, respect, and personal evolution through martial arts.


Our vision is to be the ultimate global reference in martial arts connections, empowering individuals to achieve their learning and health goals through a unique digital platform. We envision a world where people of all ages and backgrounds can immerse themselves in the rich traditions of martial arts, regardless of their location or previous experience.


Passion for Authenticity: We value and promote the authenticity of martial arts by connecting our users with academies and instructors dedicated to preserving these traditions.

Global Community: We believe in the power of a global community united by a shared love for martial arts. We encourage the exchange of experiences and knowledge among our members.

Continuous Learning: We are committed to continuous learning and personal evolution through martial arts. We believe that each class is an opportunity for physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

Respect and Discipline: We uphold the principles of mutual respect, discipline, and self-control, which are essential in both martial arts and daily life.

Accessibility and Inclusion: We strive to make martial arts accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnic background, or skill level. We believe that diversity enriches our community.

Excellence and Integrity: We pursue excellence in everything we do, maintaining high standards of quality and integrity in both our services and relationships with academies and instructors.

Responsible Innovation: We embrace technological innovation to enhance the martial arts experience, always considering the traditions and values that underpin this practice.

Our Evolution

Current Sprint


Development of Marketplace Structure

As we step into Sprint 5, our primary focus is to finalize the development of the Services Marketplace. We are committed to creating a platform that not only caters to the needs of our current community but also allows for future developments and the integration of a variety of services related to martial arts.

Our team is working tirelessly to wrap up the backend structure and ensure seamless integration with the frontend of our application. This is a pivotal step in our journey, and we believe the final outcome will be a valuable addition to our ecosystem.

Previous Sprint


Development of Registration and Research for:

Martial Arts Gyms

We will allow martial arts gyms to register on our platform and connect with enthusiasts, creating a broader and more inclusive community.

Martial Arts Instructors

We will facilitate the registration of martial arts instructors, allowing them to share their knowledge and experience with our community.

Martial Arts Practitioners/Students

Practitioners/students will also be able to register, creating profiles that help them connect with instructors and academies.

Job Opportunities in Gyms

We are creating a platform that will allow gyms to advertise job opportunities, helping to further strengthen the martial arts community.

For Investors


Dōjō Pass will be a comprehensive platform that will allow users to access various martial arts academies and instructors through a single subscription.

We will also provide access to online classes and tutorials, virtual stores, and an active community.

With diverse styles, tailored location, and interactive features, we empower enthusiasts to practice and learn martial arts anywhere, at any time.

Business Model Canvas

Key Partnerships

Martial Arts Academies and Instructors: Collaborate with established martial arts academies and instructors to offer their expertise and attract a broader user base.

Suppliers: Establish partnerships with suppliers of martial arts-related products for e-commerce sales.

Key Activities

Landing Page Development: Ongoing development of our Landing Page, which serves as the gateway to the world of Dōjō Pass. It will showcase the startup's value proposition, highlighting its mission to connect martial arts enthusiasts, along with its core features.

App Development: Continuously enhance and improve the Dōjō Pass mobile app by adding new features and functionalities.

Content Creation: Develop high-quality instructional content, tutorials, and virtual classes for users.

Marketing and Promotion: Implement digital marketing strategies, social media campaigns, and partnerships to increase awareness of the app and acquire users.

Customer Support: Provide responsive customer support to answer questions, address technical issues, and gather user feedback.

Value Proposition

Comprehensive Martial Arts Platform: Dōjō Pass offers a complete solution for learning, practicing, and connecting with the martial arts community.

Global Accessibility: App localization efforts and online classes enable users worldwide to conveniently access martial arts.

Diversity of Martial Arts Styles: By including diverse martial arts disciplines, Dōjō Pass caters to a wide range of users, attracting both beginners and experienced practitioners.

Community and Collaboration: App community features facilitate interaction, knowledge sharing, and a sense of belonging among martial arts enthusiasts.

Customer Segments

Martial Arts Enthusiasts: Individuals interested in practicing and learning martial arts.

Martial Arts Academies: Martial arts academies looking to expand their reach, attract new students, and leverage an online platform.

Martial Arts Instructors: Martial arts instructors seeking to connect with new job opportunities, either through new positions in academies or private lessons for new students.

Customer Relationship

User Engagement: Foster a strong relationship with users through interactive features, personalized recommendations, and responsive customer support.

Partnership Collaboration: Maintain mutually beneficial relationships with martial arts academies and instructors, offering support and revenue-sharing opportunities.


Own Landing Page: Dedicated web page to showcase the startup's evolution.

Mobile App Stores: Distribute the Dōjō Pass app through major app stores to reach a wide user base.

Digital Marketing Channels: Utilize social media, online advertising, and influencer marketing to create awareness and drive app downloads.

Partnerships and Collaborations: Collaborate with martial arts academies, influencers, and industry organizations to expand reach and attract users.

Revenue Streams

Freemium Model: Basic app features available for free to attract users.

Premium Subscriptions: Offer advanced features, exclusive content, and an enhanced experience through subscription plans.

E-commerce Sales: Generate revenue by selling martial arts products, equipment, and training materials within the app.

Key Resources

Technological Infrastructure: Servers, databases, and necessary software to support the app and ensure a seamless user experience.

Content Creation: Development of instructional content, tutorials, and virtual classes either internally or in collaboration with martial arts experts.

Human Resources: Development and design teams, content creators, marketing team, and customer support.

Cost Structure

App Development and Maintenance: Expenses related to app development, bug fixes, updates, and ongoing maintenance.

Content Creation: Costs associated with creating high-quality instructional content and virtual classes.

Marketing and Advertising: Investments in digital marketing campaigns, social media ads, and partnerships with influencers.

Operational Costs: Team salaries, customer support, hosting fees, and administrative expenses.

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